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  • Banksia leaves III


    Banksia leaves III, 2023
    76 x 76cm acrylic on canvas

    Nestled amongst national park land hundreds of banksia trees help form the spectacular landscape of The Pinnacles on the South Coast of NSW. With so much to absorb, I love how a few simple photos of those zig zag leaves had me instantly visualising complete artworks. Back in my studio I was overcome with happiness when the idea became painted so fluently. When natures influence is strong, there’s no hesitation in the creative process and that is one of the most fulfilling things as an artist.



  • Wild findings


    Wild findings, 2023
    50 x 50cm acrylic on canvas

    Step outside to a place for curious eyes and little explorers to seek out the wildly grown treasures that belong to mother natures garden. Flowers of all colours, leaves with interesting patterns and sunshine that beams it all to life. Ever changing, growing, waiting to be found and admired even just for the briefest of moments with a flashing of a smile.